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Medicine isn’t just something that exists in a doctor’s office. Medicine is in our kitchens, our homes, our gardens and our natural spaces.

Plants especially are the people’s medicine. That means you’ve got the power to improve your health and manage disease — if you know how to work with what’s around you.

Empower yourself with knowledge!

When I’m talking to groups, I usually ask how people rate their plant-medicine knowledge on a scale of mild, moderate or extra spicy. There’s an offering below for all taste levels.

P.S. Looking for one-on-one health care? I’m seeing Oregon and Alaska patients online through my clinic, Celilo Natural Health Center.
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Dr. Orna Izakson | flower essence therapy | what are flower essences | wellness consultant | Poppy

Love the Plants You’re With

The fall episode of this quarterly webinar series is coming soon!

Dr. Orna's Immune Resilience Action Series |

Immune Resilience Action Series

Take charge of your immunity with simple, actionable steps you can do at home.This course is for you if you want to understand not just what to do by why to do it. 

The video series offers a deep dive into my top 10 ways to stay well. You’ll also get research links and other resources. 

Dr. Orna Izakson | flower essence therapy | what are flower essences | wellness consultant | vitaminN | Erythronium oreganum

Intro to Flower Essence Therapy 

Learn what flower essences can do for your patients, clients and friends with this overview of this great modality. You’ll learn what these are, how they’re used, when they’re indicated and some of the most commonly used essences in my practice. This course is online and self paced, with add-on options for group support and one-on-one mentoring.

2.0 OBNM CEUs to be applied for.